The difference between air insulated ring net cabinet and gas insulated ring net cabinet

Issuing time:2018-01-17 09:47

1, the distance between the air insulated cabinet and the 1/3 of the air insulated cabinet after the inflatable insulation is greatly reduced.

2. Insulation medium of all insulated ring cabinet: SF6, N2 and other gases are used as insulating medium, and the insulation performance is strong.

3, electrical gap: insulation gas insulation performance is far stronger than air, all insulation cabinet electrical gap is far less than half insulation cabinet

4, equipment size: because of small electrical gap, the size of all insulated cabinet is far less than the same voltage level of half insulation cabinet, small area.

5, altitude influence: the main circuit components of the full insulated ring net cabinet are built in the inflatable compartment, and the pressure is constant. It is not affected by the altitude. It is especially suitable for high altitude areas. The insulation performance of the semi insulated ring cabinet is directly affected by the altitude, the standard products are used below 1000m, and the higher altitude needs special design.

6. Pollution effect: pollution can not affect the inflatable compartment of all insulated ring cabinet, which is suitable for contaminated areas. The semi insulating ring cabinet is directly affected by pollution, and special design is required for the special conditions.


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